Right around the time I was moving to Sacramento in 2001, I recorded a solo acoustic album called “No Visible Scars”.  It was released under the name “Nolan” for the same now-stupid-but-then-seemed-relevant reasons as my other record from that time.  We pressed a few CDs, and much to my surprise I had to re-press more copies a couple of times.  

It’s essentially just me and a guitar. There are tiny bits of other instruments and the occasional background vocal from an old friend, but not much beyond that.  It’s very raw, very live, and very much nearly 20 years ago. :) My friend Angela was kind enough to loan me a photograph for the cover art; I think she helped with the title too, if I remember correctly.

“No Visible Scars” is now available on all your favorite digital-music-streaming sites. Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, and a few others.

There are a couple of changes from the physical CD version and the digital version:

1. Instead of releasing it online as “Nolan”, it’s being released under my full name. There are like a zillion other “Nolan” musical acts nowadays (one of which used to play shows with a lot of the same bands I did, causing some confusion).  And since I make so much of my living these days via reputation and word of mouth, this just made more sense.

2. The physical CD version has 8 songs, the streaming version has 7. Said missing track is a cover of “4am In Texas” by 7 Seconds. For logistical reasons we left off the cover song from the online release.  (Sidebar: 7 Seconds are the greatest punk rock band to ever live and I highly recommend you track down everything they’ve ever released.)  I still have a few of the CDs in storage so if you REALLY want one with that extra track, just drop me a line and we’ll sort it out.

Links for all the various streaming sites are in the comments. Thanks for listening.

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