Left to right: Seth Anderson, me, Kevin Seconds, Sammy Kay. From last night’s show at Riving Loom.

Kev texted me about a week ago and asked if I could jump on as the local support.  I’d just had oral surgery a couple days prior. Called my dentist, asked if I could sing with a mouth full of stitches and not break something, once I got the OK I told Kev yes.  Between the stitches and being sick last week I had about half a voice. But we got thru the show and had fun.  Sammy and Seth are super nice dudes, touring to support some new records. Well worth checking out when you get a chance.  Small crowd of friends that came out despite the super cold temperatures.  And Poppy the dog. :)

It felt more like friends hanging out than a an official show, I kind of played fast and loose with the set list. Pretty sure this is correct…

Heather Here
You’re Not Gonna Believe This
If You See Me / King of Wishful Thinking
Here’s to Fastballs
It’s a Shame About Ray
Goodnight Goodnight

Best of luck to Seth and Sammy on the rest of their tour.  Thanks for listening.